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Light Construction
Power Equipment
Electric Tools
Air Tools


To insure our customersrsquo; satisfaction we must adhere to the

following policy: All Items Are Sterilized and Sealed – Ready

for Use – And Must Be Returned Clean. Dishes and Glassware

etc. Must Be Rinsed Of All Food Matter or A Cleaning Charge

Will Be Applied.


To guarantee reservations, a deposit of 25% is

required. THIS FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE unless notice is given

seven days prior to event. Deposit is non-refundable on tents

and canopies.


for damaged or missing items is required on all

rentals. Customer is responsible for checking the condition

and count of all items when received and when returned.

Deposits will be returned after check-in. All items are counted

and checked for damage or cleaning charges. Up to 72 hours

may be required to check-in large orders.


of rental deposits are due in advance before pick-up

or delivery of order. The deposit amount is determined by the

size of the order. For more information please call.


are based on distance from store and ground

floor delivery. Set up or break down of equipment is EXTRA.


J&B Equipment and North River Party Rental is closing at the end of August.

We are selling everything off!  

Come on down and take a look at our extensive inventory or call 781-826-5931 for more information.